algo_needs Struct Reference

Storage for algorithm needs. More...

#include <val_sigcrypt.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t needs [ALGO_NEEDS_MAX]
 the algorithms (8-bit) with each a number. More...
size_t num
 the number of entries in the array that are unfulfilled

Detailed Description

Storage for algorithm needs.

DNSKEY algorithms.

Field Documentation

◆ needs

uint8_t algo_needs::needs[ALGO_NEEDS_MAX]

the algorithms (8-bit) with each a number.

0: not marked. 1: marked 'necessary but not yet fulfilled' 2: marked bogus. Indexed by algorithm number.

Referenced by algo_needs_init_dnskey_add(), algo_needs_init_ds(), algo_needs_init_list(), algo_needs_missing(), algo_needs_set_bogus(), and algo_needs_set_secure().

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