ipset.h File Reference

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#include "util/module.h"

Data Structures

struct  ipset_env
struct  ipset_qstate


int ipset_init (struct module_env *env, int id)
 Init the ipset module.
void ipset_deinit (struct module_env *env, int id)
 Deinit the ipset module.
void ipset_operate (struct module_qstate *qstate, enum module_ev event, int id, struct outbound_entry *outbound)
 Operate on an event on a query (in qstate).
void ipset_inform_super (struct module_qstate *qstate, int id, struct module_qstate *super)
 Subordinate query done, inform this super request of its conclusion.
void ipset_clear (struct module_qstate *qstate, int id)
 clear the ipset query-specific contents out of qstate
size_t ipset_get_mem (struct module_env *env, int id)
 return memory estimate for ipset module
struct module_func_blockipset_get_funcblock (void)
 Get the function block with pointers to the ipset functions. More...

Detailed Description


Author: Kevin Chou Email: k9982.nosp@m.874@.nosp@m.gmail.nosp@m..com

This file implements the ipset module. It can handle packets by putting the A and AAAA addresses that are configured in unbound.conf as type ipset (local-zone statements) into a firewall rule IPSet. For firewall blacklist and whitelist usage.

To use the IPset module, install the libmnl-dev (or libmnl-devel) package and configure with –enable-ipset. And compile. Then enable the ipset module in unbound.conf with module-config: "ipset validator iterator" then create it with ipset -N blacklist iphash and then add local-zone: "example.com." ipset statements for the zones where you want the addresses of the names looked up added to the set.

Set the name of the set with ipset: name-v4: "blacklist" name-v6: "blacklist6" in unbound.conf. The set can be used in this way: iptables -A INPUT -m set –set blacklist src -j DROP ip6tables -A INPUT -m set –set blacklist6 src -j DROP

Function Documentation

◆ ipset_get_funcblock()

struct module_func_block* ipset_get_funcblock ( void  )

Get the function block with pointers to the ipset functions.

the function block for "ipset".

References ipset_block.

Referenced by module_funcs_avail().