ldns_struct_rdf Struct Reference

Resource record data field. More...

Data Fields

size_t _size
 The size of the data (in octets) More...
ldns_rdf_type _type
 The type of the data. More...
void * _data
 Pointer to the data (raw octets) More...

Detailed Description

Resource record data field.

The data is a network ordered array of bytes, which size is specified by the (16-bit) size field. To correctly parse it, use the type specified in the (16-bit) type field with a value from ldns_rdf_type.

Definition at line 196 of file rdata.h.

Field Documentation

◆ _size

size_t ldns_struct_rdf::_size

The size of the data (in octets)

Definition at line 199 of file rdata.h.

◆ _type

ldns_rdf_type ldns_struct_rdf::_type

The type of the data.

Definition at line 201 of file rdata.h.

◆ _data

void* ldns_struct_rdf::_data

Pointer to the data (raw octets)

Definition at line 203 of file rdata.h.