Here is an overview of some of the projects we have completed or are currently working on.

The website was launched in 2015 and is continuously being developed by us. The site is an initiative of the Dutch Internet Standards Platform, a partnership with members from the Internet community and the Dutch government. It allows visitors to check whether their website, email and Internet connection use modern and reliable Internet standards. New features are being implemented on an ongoing basis, with plans to expand the site to include routing security, as well as translating it into wide range of languages.
Feature list
  • The website test checks if it supports IPv6, DNSSEC and HTTPS
  • The email test checks for IPv6, DNSSEC, STARTTLS, DMARC, DKIM and SPF
  • The connection test checks for IPv6 and DNSSEC support
You can find more information and perform tests on

RFC 5011 Resolver Compliance Test Suite

Verisign requested a test suite which can evaluate the three most popular open source resolvers—Unbound, BIND and Knot Resolver—for RFC 5011 compliance. The toolset that Open Netlabs created relies on Deckard, a generic DNS testing software developed by CZ.NIC, which in turn is based on test-bound, a testing tool written by NLnet Labs for testing Unbound. It is capable of quickly running though a vast amount of test scenarios for each version of the resolver.
Feature List
  • The tool wraps around the resolver being tested and pretends to be both a client issuing queries to the resolver and the upstream name servers which the resolver uses to answer these queries.
  • By intercepting time-related systems calls made by the resolver, the tool can fast-forward time in order to test long-running scenarios quickly.
Open Netlabs presented their findings during OARC 28, San Juan in March 2018.

MANRS Commitment Rating

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a commitment by network operators to implement baseline security efforts in order to improve the security of the global routing system. The Internet Society requested Open Netlabs to create a toolset that offers a commitment rating for participating organisations. The toolset performs tests automatically and periodically, stores the results in a database and exposes them in a RESTful API for analysis.
Features include
  • Logging the number of prefixes leaked or hijacked by a member Autonomous System (AS)
  • Check for documented routing policy, registered customer routes and whois contact registration
  • Verify published RPKI Route Origin Authorisations
To learn more about the MANRS initiative, visit