NLnet Labs is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in the development of open source technologies for the core of the Internet. Everything we do is aimed at enhancing the open, secure and innovative nature of the Internet. The financial support we receive from the Internet community makes this possible.

Please Support Us

If you think routing security is an important topic, please consider helping us with the RPKI project. Of course, additional funding is always welcome, but you can also contribute in other ways, such as time, expertise or infrastructure. For example, through the efforts of the community we can offer Routinator on Docker Hub.

Specifically, we can currently use your help in the following areas:

  • Donate your time and expertise to further improve the RPKI documentation and FAQ
  • Build and maintain Routinator binaries for various platforms

Our Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful that the development of Krill and Routinator is funded and supported by these organisations.


The Brazilian Network Information Centre – NIC.br has committed to offering RPKI services for their members in 2019. For this purpose, they fund the development of the NLnet Labs RPKI toolset.

NIC.br was created to implement the decisions and projects designed by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee – CGI.br, which is responsible for the co-ordination and integration of all Internet service initiatives in the country. NIC.br is the executive arm of the CGI.br.

Presentation by LACNIC and NIC.br on RPKI efforts during GTER 46, in Portuguese.


The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) programme has awarded a grant for the development of the Routinator, NLnet Labs’ RPKI Relying Party software. The MOSS awards programme supports open source projects that contribute to Mozilla’s work and the health of the Internet. Specifically for the MOSS Mission Partners track, Mozilla looks for projects that are closely aligned with its own mission.

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) endorsed this project. AMS-IX was one of the world’s first Internet Exchanges to offer RPKI-based filtering on their route server platform.

Learn more about the Mozilla MOSS program and read the MOSS news announcement.


The RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund supports non-commercial projects of value to the operation and resilience of the Internet, with a focus on tools and services benefitting the technical community in the RIPE NCC service region.

A selection committee comprised of a RIPE NCC Executive Board Member and three volunteers from the RIPE community has selected the NLnet Labs RPKI toolset as one of the recipients, out of more than 40 applications from 20 different countries.

Learn more about the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund and the recipients for 2018.


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the Netherlands fund the development of the RPKI toolset that is developed by NLnet Labs to ensure availability and diversity in the software landscape. As a result, the NCSC aim to contribute to the adoption of RPKI, in order to prevent route leaking and hijacking.

The NCSC is the central information hub and centre of expertise for cyber security in the Netherlands. The NCSC's mission is to contribute to enhancing the resilience of Dutch society in the digital domain, and thus to create a secure, open and stable information society.

Read the announcement by the NCSC (in Dutch) and the news post on our website.


DigitalOcean kindly sponsors us with their cloud platform. Their managed Kubernetes solution, designed for simple container orchestration, allows our development team to easily deploy and test Routinator with a variety of virtual routers.

DigitalOcean has several open source project of their own, and actively gives back to the open source community by sponsoring projects.

Read more about Digital Ocean's Open Source Sponsorships.


Juniper supports our RPKI development by making their vMX Virtual Router available to us, running the Junos operating system.

Junos has support for RPKI Route Origin Validation since version 12.2.

Visit the Juniper website.


Nokia supports our RPKI development by making their Virtualized Service Router (VSR) running Service Routing Operating System (SR OS) available to us.

RPKI Route Origin Validation is available on release R12.0R4 and newer, running on the 7210 SAS, 7750 SR, 7950 XRS and the VSR.

Visit the Nokia Networks website.


Cisco supports our RPKI development by making their Cloud Services Router 1000V Series and Cisco IOS XRv 9000 Router available to us.

RPKI Route Origin Validation is available in Cisco IOS release 15.2 and newer, as well as Cisco IOS/XR since release 4.3.2.

Visit the Cisco website.