NSD: Name Server Daemon

NSD is an authoritative only, high performance, simple and open source name server. The older stable release is NSD 1.2.4. This release is considered as end-of-life product. People are advised to upgrade to the most current release.


NSD 1.2.4

January 8th, 2004
    • Bug #72: If an RRset for a child domain is defined before the RRset of the parent domain the parent's RRset would be "lost".
        Download: nsd-1.2.4.tar.gz
        Checksum md5: ebf6acd7e629c8d8f28a922a9c4cd703

        NSD 1.2.3

        November 15th, 2003
          • NSD now responds to hostname.bind and version.bind CHAOS TXT queries.
          • Bug #65: The syslog facility is now a compile time option (--with-facility=FACILITY). The default facility is DAEMON.
          • Bug #66: Automatic periodic dumping of the statistics (using the -s option) is now continued after a database reload.
          • NSD would try to kill pid -1 on startup if forking of a child process failed.
          • Do not log EAGAIN errors on calls to recvfrom. These errors should be harmless.
              Download: nsd-1.2.3.tar.gz
              Checksum md5: 7498027ad3a20a3f1356753fbd54c441

              NSD 1.2.2

              July 28th, 2003
                • Bug #59: NSD returns FORMERR when the query name is >= 246 bytes.
                • Bug #60: Zonec runs out of file descriptors with many zones.
                • Bug #61: nsdc uses /bin/sh hardwired (and should not).
                • Bug #62: NSD is not able to log to a file.
                • Bug #63: nsdc update and zonec are too tallkative.
                • Bug #64: Answer for request of a host resolved by a wildcard-resource-record is not understandable by dig.
                    Download: nsd-1.2.2.tar.gz
                    Checksum md5: 7d1449dcec224176ba7265015821ddbc

                    NSD 1.2.1

                    July 16th, 2003
                      • AXFR terminates early if a zone containa a CNAME pointing the the zone's domain name (SOA record) (bug #56).
                      • During an AXFR memory above the top of the stack was accessed. This could lead to occassional AXFR errors (bad packets).
                      • NSD now prints its version number and exits when invoked with the -v flag (bug #57).
                      • NSD prints help information and exits when invoked with the -h flag.
                          Download: nsd-1.2.1.tar.gz
                          Checksum md5: d086d8b9022c799c164462ae33cf41e0

                          NSD 1.2.0

                          July 9th, 2003
                          • NSD is now a single parent process (handling child termination and database reloads) plus multiple UDP and TCP child processes handling queries. Before the parent process also handled UDP queries. This change simplifies the parent and child processes and allows the use of multiple concurrent UDP servers.
                          • Experimental plugin support. This required a minor, incompatible change to the database format. Make sure you recompile your database. Use --enable-plugins to enable.
                          • Full IPv6 support (for multi-homing and for Linux, thanks to Colm MacCarthaigh and Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino). Use --enable-ipv6 to enable.
                          • Support for multi-homing with TCP connections.
                          • Support for SunOS 4.x has been dropped.
                          • CHAOS TXT queries failed on big-endian machines.
                          • Portability fixes for Tru64 (thanks to Stephane Bortzmeyer), HP-UX, and MacOS X (thanks to Ronald van der Pol).
                          • Removed compile time limit on maximum number of TCP child servers.
                          • Support for debugging UDP and TCP queries.
                          • Always ensure there is enough room for the EDNS record when answering a query with EDNS enabled.
                          Code changes
                            NSD should now conform to the Single Unix Specification (http://www.unix.org/).Const correctness for strings and some other data types.Removed code for Berkeley DB, hash tables, and mmap(2).Separate preprocessor flags from code flags (CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS).Use uint8_t instead of u_char, uint{16,32}_t instead of u_int{16,32}_t.Fixed warnings from mixing signed and unsigned types.Use sigaction(2) instead of signal(2).The query_process function has been split up for clarity.
                            Download: nsd-1.2.0.tar.gz
                            Checksum md5: cfeb32ec54e1acbf97bfa9a59dfadb2b

                            NSD 1.1.0

                            June 16th, 2003
                            • ANSI C
                            • autoconf/configure
                            • new parser
                            • support for various RR types in zonec
                            • support for UNKN RR types
                            • lots of zone parsing errors eliminated
                            • empty node matching bug gives NXDOMAIN
                                Download: nsd-1.1.0.tar.gz
                                Checksum md5: 2ab5b05cdb3376387f621b05bc4ce69f

                                NSD 1.0.3

                                June 16th, 2003
                                  • Ignore SIGPIPE errors (bug #43).
                                  • Keep track of TCP child servers and restart if necessary. (bug #55)
                                  • Handle database reload failures correctly.
                                  • Close UDP sockets in TCP child servers.
                                  • Handle escaped characters (besides \.) in labels.
                                  • Preserve the query's RD flag in the answer.
                                      Download: nsd-1.0.3.tar.gz
                                      Checksum md5: fba8b08f2f98b2ea78ddbf5a01d46613

                                      NSD 1.0.2

                                      Download: nsd-1.0.2.tar.gz
                                      Checksum md5: 8c50f242ed4d71986fe8959f5db3be5d

                                      NSD 1.0.2 RPM. No IPv6 enabled

                                      Download: nsd-1.0.2-1.src.rpm
                                      Checksum md5: f0793cd186ff13e6b7f6979b343927ab

                                      NSD 1.0.2 FreeBSD port

                                      Download: nsd-1.0.2-freebsd.shar
                                      Checksum md5: 36aa24e9ca7d0ffa678197ecd7c2bb09

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