fatal error: Could not set up local zones

Brian Marshall brian at netcents.com
Mon Dec 17 23:38:45 CET 2018

Hello list,

I am running unbound 1.66 on OpenBSD and import a couple of 
spam/malware/c&c lists that I blackhole via local zone data in unbound.
I seem to have run into some kind of limitation on the number of records 
I can load. I get the following error recently when my list reached 
156550 local-data entries :

	unbound: [50167:0] error: out of memory adding local data
	unbound: [50167:0] fatal error: Could not set up local zones

and the process exits.

Is there a way to increase the maximum number of local entries that can 
be loaded?

    -Brian Marshall


Version 1.6.6
linked libs: pluggable-libevent 1.4.15-stable (it uses kqueue), LibreSSL 
linked modules: dns64 respip validator iterator

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