Is it possible to set an ipv6 PTR record

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Sat Dec 15 19:32:22 CET 2018

I can see how that would work. I have a pointer in a number of places now for the ipv6, so I will try this.

The current ptr is pointing to my provider’s dns, even though I’m sure my iov6 is unique to my server interface. I’m probably wrong though !

Robert Chalmers

> On 14 Dec 2018, at 3:11 pm, Wouter Wijngaards via Unbound-users <unbound-users at> wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> Maybe you are not looking for this, but have you tried the
> local-data-ptr: "2001:DB8::1234" 
> entry for unbound.conf? That creates and IPv6 PTR record for you server when this instance of unbound is queried for it.  You should set the IPv6 address and name for your server.
> An implicit local-zone is created when you do this, that covers the data element in a local-zone, you can set one explicitly so you can set the type of the local-zone if you want different processing, of, eg. other data for that zone.  That means how other ip6 addresses are resolved, for example 'static' (NXDOMAIN for others) or transparent (look upstream).  This is what that looks like:
> local-zone: "" transparent
> Best regards, Wouter
>> On 14/12/2018 15:56, Sean via Unbound-users wrote:
>> Hi to everyone. Missed this post - and its answer? Did you find the answer to this. Let me know ;)
>> Much obliged
>> Thanks, Sian N.H. 
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>> ORIGINAL >> Is it possible to set an ipv6 PTR record for my servers ipv6 address, which as I understand it is actually unique to the server interface. Even though the ipv4 address is the dynamic IP assigned by Sky. 
>> Or can I not do this?
>> Robert Chalmers
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