Better ratelimiting? (again)

Fredrik Pettai pettai at
Thu Dec 13 22:30:23 CET 2018


(ip-)ratelimiting is a nice addition, but it's currently like a big hammer, since it's basically on/off for the unbound instance.
I'd like to have some sort of possibility to exclude a part of unbound from this, be it a interface, a dedicated port(listner) or configurable IP-network range(s).

Some alternative ideas to the earlier suggested per subnet ip-ratelimit:

1) Mimic what's common in the "networking world", allowing to configure a (higher) burst limit, could be a way of allowing bursty clients to finish all lookups without getting slowed down by dropped queries. 

ip-ratelimit-burst: <max-limit>
 or perhaps 
ip-ratelimit-burst: <max-limit/seconds>  # X seconds of burstiness allowed 

2) Another approach would be to allow to configure the ip-ratelimit-factor to be exponential over time (as an alternative to the fixed 1/X behavior), slowly dropping a bigger amount of the exceeding queries over time (by for instance increasing X +1 every second.)

I personally like the per-subnet option the most, as it gives full control over ip-ratelimiting. 
But 2) seems like a low hanging fruit implementation wise, and would be very helpful compared to the current state. It could be applied to ratelimit(-for-domain etc.) too (if that would be useful?)


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