complaining about logfile: and use-syslog:

Paul Wouters paul at
Thu Dec 13 17:52:03 CET 2018

On Thu, 13 Dec 2018, Anand Buddhdev via Unbound-users wrote:

>> I think it is silly that if you do not set use-syslog: and you do set
>> logfile: that logging is still happening via syslog.
> Are you sure about this? The unbound.conf man page says that if you set
> "logfile", then "use-syslog" is automatically set to "no".

I retested it and you are rightt. The issue earlier why it did not log
was that /var/log/unbound.log was root.root and it could not write to
the log. I confirmed that setting logfile and not setting use-syslog
does end up in the log. I just need to also get an selinux update out
for that :P

> However, I doubt that unbound's configuration is going to get an
> overhaul any time soon. Actually unbound has become so fat and full of a
> million options, that I actually find BIND easier to configure these
> days! Isn't that ironic?

I { do, disagree;}; // strongly


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