ip-ratelimit-factor ?

Fredrik Pettai pettai at sunet.se
Sat Dec 8 02:58:29 CET 2018

>From the man page:

       ip-ratelimit-factor: <number>
            Set  the amount of queries to rate limit when the limit is
            If set to 0, all queries are dropped for addresses where 
the  limit
            is  exceeded.   If set to another value, 1 in that number is
            through to complete.  Default is 10, allowing 1/10 traffic 
to  flow
            normally.   This  can  make ordinary queries complete (if
            queried for), and enter the cache, whilst also mitigating
the  traf‐
            fic flow by the factor given.

I interpret this as setting "ip-ratelimit-factor: 1" should allow all
queries (1/1,

per man-text above) to flow through. Although that doesn't seem to be
the case.

Instead, it looks more like value 0, when everything exceeding is just

What value should I set to allow all exceeding queries to be let through?

(this is the behavior of unbound-1.8.2)


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