zone delegation for papercut mobility printing

Staiger, Moritz (RRZE) moritz.staiger at
Tue Jul 4 14:41:00 CEST 2017

we are trying to implement a feature of papercut print management software.

Our Unbound DNS Server is running on a pfSense firewall.
We created a local domain called lew.wohnheim , eg. our pfSense gateway is gate.lew.wohnheim.

For the implementation a „delegated subzone“ should be assigned.

Can somone assist in translating the BIND configuration to Unbound?
I think this could be accomplished with stub zones?

;---------------- Mobility Print records --------------

b._dns-sd._udp       IN PTR pc-printer-discovery
lb._dns-sd._udp      IN PTR pc-printer-discovery
pc-printer-discovery IN NS  print-server-host
print-server-host    IN A   XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

;--------------- End of Mobility Print records ---------

Our print Server is running on
Clients are connecting from different 10.100 Subnets.


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