local stubs not served when internet down

Tor Perkins unbound23 at noid.net
Sat Jun 25 18:15:17 CEST 2016

Thanks Yuri!

I just had a chance to test with the setting of:

  module-config: "iterator"

... and that made the difference.  Unbound was indeed able to resolve
local stubs even when the internet connection was down.

As I recall, when first configuring unbound, I searched this file:

... for the string of 'DNSSEC' to see what the relevant settings were
and I notice now that the commentary for the 'module-config' setting
does not include that string.  The man page [unbound.conf(5)] does
(I should have searched there too)...

Thanks for the replies from everyone!

- Tor

On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 10:32:22AM +0200, Yuri Schaeffer via Unbound-users wrote:
> Hi Tor,
> On 22-06-16 16:32, Tor Perkins via Unbound-users wrote:
> >>>   I guess that your unbound resolver is set to do DNSSEC validation.
> > I do not think so.
> If you explicitly intent to disable all DNSSEC validation you should put
> this in your configuration file:
> module-config: "iterator"
> By default it is "validator iterator".
> //Yuri

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