Question on Unbound logging Best Practices

j dubbz kapshure at
Wed Jun 15 00:22:29 CEST 2016

hi team. We have an Unbound caching server that was setup by another
internal team. However, there is no logging enabled. I not only want this
enabled for troubleshooting internal name resolution issues, but also to
feed into a SIEM, and do other traffic analysis.

My questions (and I know every environment is different)

- Is there a "sizing guide" so one can ascertain how much disk space should
be allocated to the DNS caching host?

- I suppose this might be determined by the log verbosity, so with
verbosity: 1 or verbosity: 3, etc..  how does this come into play?

- Is there anything else to consider other than just adding the #logfile
directive to the .conf file?

- to get the unbound logs over to a syslog/SIEM, I suspect I will need to
use something like rsyslog - correct?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice
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