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unbound generating too many log messages

Philippe Meunier
Tue Jan 19 13:33:19 CET 2016

Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
>That shouldn't happen.  OpenBSD's /etc/rc doesn't start unbound and ntpd
>until after /etc/netstart, which configures your network interfaces.

Except when there's no hostname.if(5) file to configure any interface
automatically, because it's a laptop computer and which interface
needs to be configured and how depends on where I'm using the

I ended up modifying some scripts so that unbound and ntpd are only
started after I've manually configured a network interface, but the
fact remains that having unbound generate 500+ syslog messages per DNS
request when no network interface is configured is such an overkill
that it verges on the ridiculous...