Forward being overwritten by Control cmd Forward on Restart

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Tue Dec 20 20:47:07 CET 2016

I'm a new Unbound user, running on linux Mint 17.3.

Took me a while finding how to set everything up but now down to one 
question (I think!). All seems ok except forwarding.

I set up a few forward-addr lines such as...

name: "."
forward-addr: # opennic (IT)
forward-addr: # opennic (FR)
forward-addr: # opennic (DE)
forward-addr: # opennic (FR)

When I restart unbound the log shows...

Dec 20 19:36:10 unbound[54448:0] info: start of service (unbound 1.4.22).
Dec 20 19:36:11 unbound[54448:0] debug: new control connection from port 34804
Dec 20 19:36:11 unbound[54448:0] info: control cmd:  forward

The problem is: the last line in the log shows the control cmd 
over-writing the forward IPs I set up with those from the Wired 
Connection IPv4 DNS servers list, so that my defined forward IPs are 

I am reluctant to remove the Wired Connection IPs (and why should I?).

I can prevent the over-write by disabling Remote Control 
(control-enable: no).

The control cmd must be generated by something but I cannot discover what.

I am also a little confused as to the port number in the log line...

debug: new control connection from port 34804

Can I assume this is an arbitrary port from which unbound was started?

I'm not sure what other information you require but as a start, 
resolv.conf contains only I am not, at the moment, enabling 
any of the unbound trust features - those are my next task.

Dave Stiles

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