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Why are unbound-control local_zone_remove/local_zone/local_data so incredibly slow ?

Ralph Dolmans
Thu Dec 1 17:18:29 CET 2016

Local data is handled before the cache lookup. So the cache entries will
be ignored as soon as there is matching local data.

-- Ralph

On 01-12-16 16:53, Over Dexia via Unbound-users wrote:
> Am 30.11.2016 um 17:41 schrieb Tim Smith via Unbound-users:
>> Interesting idea, nice bit of thinking outside the box !   But in
>> relation to "should be alright after cache data times out" ,  does
>> that mean that the idea might not work too well if I've got "prefetch:
>> yes" in my config ?
> In the situation where a cached resolution has been prefetched before
> the dump, and that site is supposed to be blacklisted/nullrouted, you'd
> add >=90% of the ttl (up to cache-max-ttl) to the time until it blacks
> out for good ...
> ... *unless* unbound either checks local data before the cache, or the
> load_cache checks against local data and doesn't taint the cache with
> the entries loaded, I'd assume. But essentially, that's beyond my
> knowledge of the execution flow... j.