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[Unbound-users] about memory leak? Unbound 1.4.22

lst_hoe02 at
Fri May 22 15:49:51 CEST 2015

Zitat von Techs_Maru <tecabu at>:

> Hi,Folks,
> I have questions about Unbound 1.4.22
> I began to use recently Unbound.
> before that i was using ISC-BIND.
> Unbound to service in a production environment,
> It seems like memory leak as the recursive query increases.
> Is high and utilization compared to ISC-BIND.
> (but,Unbound and ISC-BIND rr-cache-size configure parameter is different.)
> Unbound is easy to memory leak?
> Or ,Unbound bugs?
> Or , It is proportional to the cache size value ?
> Now "Resident set size" is about 4GB.
> It does parameter tuning is bad?.....


have you read ??

"Due to malloc overhead, the total memory usage is likely to rise to  
double (or 2.5x) the total cache memory that is entered into the  

And no, memory leaks are not common in Unbound to my knowledge at least.