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[Unbound-users] error when threading enabled on local_unbound on FreeBSD 10.x

Jaap Akkerhuis
Tue Jul 21 18:43:05 CEST 2015

 unbound at writes:

 > Thanks. This clarifies a lot.
 > This may be a stupid FreeBSD question, rather than an unbound-specific 
 > question, but is there any way to give the executables in /usr/local/sbin 
 > priority when running them from the path?

That is what I meant with:

 > > Note your $PATH

For me, echo $PATH gives something like:


So, looking for an executable it first looks in my private bin
(/home/jaap/bin:) directory, then in the local directories

You can change the search order by rearranging this order. See man
sh (or man csh, or man bash, dependent on what your actual shell
is) for details.