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[Unbound-users] Issue Resolving ""

Jaap Akkerhuis
Tue Jan 13 16:16:43 CET 2015

 Dag-Erling Sm?rgrav writes:

 > Jaap Akkerhuis <jaap at> writes:
 > > According to <> the domain
 > > iis bogus and <>
 > > is not happy either.
 > It's not bogus, it's just not signed.  Or did I miss something?
 > I have had problems with DNSSEC in the past (although in a completely
 > different scenario) due to misconfigured root servers.  I have a log
 > somewhere...

Now it is, yes.

At the time people were complaining an I was looking (some days ago),
dnsviz declared it bogus. The fun of dnsviz is that you can actually
go back in time and check. If you do that, you'll notice that on the
7th this month (Updated: 2015-01-06 21:46:01 UTC (7 days ago) the site
says) it was bogus.