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[Unbound-users] programmatic responses with unbound

Maciej Soltysiak
Tue Apr 28 11:47:27 CEST 2015

Hi list,

I'm looking to implement with Unbound something similar to OpenDNS's TXT record.

It's a programmatic response to a query that responds with debug meta data,
;             IN      TXT

;; ANSWER SECTION:      0       IN      TXT     "server 5.fra"      0       IN      TXT     "flags 20 0 2cc
d00d82040001401"      0       IN      TXT     "id 381599"      0       IN      TXT     "source"      0       IN      TXT     "dnscrypt enabled

Has anyone done something like this? Is it possible to do with libunbound?

Best regards,
Maciej Soltysiak
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