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[Unbound-users] Modifying answer with the Python API

bill manning
Fri Oct 24 17:00:06 CEST 2014

On Oct 24, 2014, at 1:20 AM, Christophe Labonne <galaf77 at> wrote:
> Long answer: NTT has implemented a country-wide broken service that relies on a completely "in-house rule" use of IPv6.
> They give default IPv6 routes to subscribers of specific on-demand video services, that only work in IPv6 and within their closed network.
> When a user subscribed to such a service, the end result is that upon resolving a website, like, say,
> their OS first tries accessing the v6 version (as it should), but since this is not an actual internet service (even though they use public v6 addresses ...),
> the connection attempt ends up timeouting.

	There is nothing wrong with NTTs model.   The “Internet” is a group of several networks that interconnect AND apply policy on its boarders.   NTT has applied a policy which prevents you from your desired goal.  Its not that the “Internet” is broken, its that your provider has chosen to restrict access.    Either take the problem up with
your provider or change providers.

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