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[Unbound-users] disable caching for stub zones

Alexander Dreweke
Sat Oct 11 18:31:02 CEST 2014


>> Wouldn't the solution be to set an appropriate TTL on those records?
>> Unbound likely isn't the only place those records will be cached,
>> they'll be cached client-side as well by most modern clients.

> The TTL is a promise of sorts: when the zone owner publishes a piece
> of information with an associated TTL he is promising not to change
> the data within that period so that caching will work. If the zone
> owner changes data more frequently than the TTL he has selected
> himself then the problem is clearly in the publishing end and not in
> the recursive server end.

Thanks for your input. I'll address the problem as you have recommended
by lowering the TTL in the original zones.