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[Unbound-users] let unbound query other nameservers

A. Schulze
Mon Nov 24 11:17:54 CET 2014


I like to configure unbound to not talk to a nameserver listed in DNS  
but to my own.
I don't know the domainnames, but I can tell these domains are hosted  
at server for example.

Wish: every time unbound try to query while resolving  
a domain it must not talk to this server
but my server and use my answers.

I tried to add a local-data in unbound.conf

   local-data: " A"

@ there is a nsd answering the questions in the way I like.

But that does not work. Looks like unbound learn the ip address of the  
given label from authoritative answers and use it instead my static  

Is $WISH possible at all?