[Unbound-users] Unbound DDoS / reflexion attack counter-measure ?

Tom tom at then.fr
Sat May 31 01:32:03 CEST 2014


> If your server does not need to be open to the world, you could restrict
> queries to the subnets you control by adding "access-control:
> <subnet>/<mask> allow".

I do have access-control lines but because I had so many I removed them 
for clarity but I forgot to keep a few. As an ISP, we have customers 
that have obviously malware running on their networks/hosts we cannot 

So my config actually looks like this :

         verbosity: 1
         interface-automatic: yes
         outgoing-range: 950
         outgoing-num-tcp: 50
         incoming-num-tcp: 50
         so-rcvbuf: 4m
         msg-cache-size: 50m
         jostle-timeout: 1000
         rrset-cache-size: 100m
         root-hints: "named.cache"
         access-control: allow
         access-control: ::1 allow
         access-control: 2407:6800:xx:xx::/64 allow
         access-control: allow
         access-control: 123.xxx.xxx.xxx/17 allow
         hide-identity: yes
         hide-version: yes
         prefetch: yes
         prefetch-key: yes
         auto-trust-anchor-file: "root.key"

         control-enable: yes

Sorry for the oversight.


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