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[Unbound-users] TTL 0: dropped msg from cache

Miguel Clara
Wed Mar 12 23:14:41 CET 2014

I'm using "local_unbound" on FreeBSD 10.

I have dnscrypt running on, and this seems to work fine, but I
noticed my local queries which are forwarded to the local router running
Asus Merlin firmware are getting giving me no answer and with verbose 5 I
was able to see this error:

"TTL 0: dropped msg from cache"

Querying the server (router) directly gives a proper answer, and it is true
that the TTL is "0", is this the expected behavior?
I don't think I have a way to change the TTL for local domain under Asus
Merlin, but I could look into it, still even if this is the expected
behavior is this, is there anything I can change in the config to
workaround it?


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