[Unbound-users] Forward given domains only, refuse others

Alexander Chekalin achekalin at lazurit.com
Wed Jan 15 08:44:06 CET 2014


I try to archive a bit custom goal: I need to use DNS that reply to 
queries for several domains only. That is, I set up unbound, then add 
for every domain I need another "forward" block and then I see that for 
these domains unbound uses "forward" settings but for other domains it 
uses system nameserver (ones from /etc/resolv.conf).

So the question is: how can I make unbound not to use any external DNS 
except for zones I set in "forward" blocks?

I understand that main purpose for unbound is answer any query and try 
never to refuse any of use query, but for now I need very restrictive 
DNS resolver.

Thank you in advance for your advice!


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