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[Unbound-users] issue

Eric Meddaugh
Mon Aug 25 14:42:57 CEST 2014

I saw this about 2 weeks ago initially.  I was able to track down the same you found.  I was able to mitigate this issues by putting a "bad" answer back so we do not forward the "bad" query to Cloud Flare (I've alerted them).

I put a local-data entry:

local-data: " 300 IN A"

Not a great answer, but it keeps online for sudents.


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We have just started using unbound and I am having an issue with resolving do to some bad queries hitting our servers.

The bad queries are for ''  The colon in that name causes's servers to not respond to the query.  At some point unbound marks the whole domain as failing and returns SERVFAIL for all queries.  This clears after a bit and then repeats.

I have filtered out the bad queries to stop the immediate problem.

I am looking for a more robust way to fix this issue.


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