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[Unbound-users] Only forward specific query to the Forwarding zone

seb astien
Tue Apr 8 11:15:10 CEST 2014


Not sure if i can ask my question here, since i suppose it's more general
than just unbound related.

I'm trying to set up a system that i tought was easy.

I've a lan, with a unbound dns resolving and everything on
the internet, for the local users.
Everything works fine at that point.

Here is a snippet of my configuration file

include: "/var/unbound/etc/zone-lan.conf"

that contains

local-zone: "" static
local-data: xxxxxxx

Now, my goal is to forward all query for a different subdomain ( to a different dns servers and ONLY that sort of query.

Here's the related configuration part

local-zone: "" transparent
name: ""

The thing is, all sort of query are forwarded to that server (see them with
tcpdump, dropbox, gmail...), and some are not (
I rate as working 80% of the time.

Is the unbound part of my configuration ok ?

Another problem is that some windows got the as the
primary dns server...

The dhcp configuration is:

shared-network {

option  domain-name "";
option  domain-name-servers;

Thank you for your help and apology for my english.

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