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[Unbound-users] fail to resolve

Willem Toorop
Mon Oct 21 15:39:12 CEST 2013

op 21-10-13 08:02, Andreas Schulze schreef:
> Hello,
> The domain "" is broken.
Hi Andreas, it certainly is broken!

On the delegation point there are referrals to and

Only answers. seems to give SERVFAIL for any query it should answer. returns one more name server when asked for its NS 

And when querying about, things get 
even more crazy! One more name server is returned:  which seems in sync with (have 
same SOA)

Now which name servers to believe? returns SERVFAIL always SOA serial 2013100801 and has A record 
(also for and SOA serial 1216035805 has 
no A record, except for

> unbound-1.4.20 fail to resolve A+MX but does it better.
> I planned to add local-zone/local-data "voodoo" to my unbound.conf but 
> as I not really understand
> the problem I fail to setup a workaround.
If you wish to mimic google behaviour, you could tell unbound to use

         local-zone: typetransparent
         local-data: " 3600 IN NS"

If you trust the other name servers more, define those in local-data.

But, maybe best would be to ask to fix their name 
server setup!

-- Willem