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[Unbound-users] Reply Email Going To User Instead of Mailing-List, Pls Fix

Bry8 Star
Thu Mar 21 18:35:25 CET 2013

Replied emails for this(nlnetlabs) going toward user's email
address, instead of going toward the Mailing-List email
unbound-users at, please fix this.

When emails are forwarded by the mailing-list software, then
"To:" AND ("Reply-To:" or "Reply-to:") fields,
"To:" field,
must need to be set with this email address:
"unbound-users at"

In that way, when user's will press "Reply" button in their
email-client (Thunderbird, etc) or in their web-interface, ...
mailing-list email address will appear in "To:", instead of the
person who replied.

-- Bright Star.

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