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[Unbound-users] cache size

daniela daniela
Thu Sep 20 23:06:22 CEST 2012

Thank you a lot Andreas,

> The optimal cache size is easy: As much as you can provide without impacting
> other services on the machine. On the other hand even a too small cache
> whith Unbound have to purge results not expired yet, doesn't harm too much
> beside in corner cases.

I am very puzzled because even on my old netbook which has only 2GB
ram, unbound (with standard parameters) is only 132 KB. So of course I
have the strong desire to drastically increase, but being pretty
clueless, I am also wary :)

> Not sure what you mean with "physically located". The cache is obviously in
> the machine RAM, but if you ask for the network location of the machine you
> should always get a close to your border router as possible.

Thank you a lot, sorry for my bad english. So it would be better to
have the LAN query a machine / gateway which runs the service, as
opposed to activating the service on each machine to take care of

One more question, is there a way to feed data to unbound cache? Such
as blacklists or already resolved whitelists? I can only imagine the
brute force and crude method of inserting a huge load of stuff into
HOSTS file, run a script that calls all those IPs while I supposedly
sleep (do we ever sleep?), then feed it another chunk until it's all
done. More elegant solutions?

Thank you again so very much

Thank you again