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[Unbound-users] Memory Usage

lst_hoe02 at
Wed Mar 21 23:05:28 CET 2012

Zitat von Paul Taylor <PaulTaylor at>:

> Hi,
>                 A few weeks ago, we put Unbound in as a caching internal
> DNS server and we started graphing stats in Cacti within the next couple
> of days.   Over the last two weeks, it appears that the memory usage is
> creeping up for these metrics:
> Metric                                                   Min
> Max
> RRset cache memory                     6.9 M                     56.38 M
> Messages cache memory             6.0 M                     59.79 M
> Validator memory key cache      703.35 K               5.51 M
> All of these have moved up  little just about every day.


Sorry, i do not understand your question. What limits do you have in  
unbound.conf? Is it simply the fact that memory usage is raising you  
are worried about, or unbound not working within configured limits?