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[Unbound-users] Configuring CNAME for

Phil Mayers
Tue Apr 17 15:04:19 CEST 2012

On 17/04/12 13:38, Tobias Krais wrote:
> My question: how can I manage what google suggests:
> "Information for school network administrators about the No-SSL option
> To utilize the no SSL option for your network, configure the DNS entry
> for to be a CNAME for"
> Source:
> You can find this quite at the end of the document.
> Can anyone help me to create a working unbound configuration file?

Hello again.

You want something like this:

  local-zone: "" transparent
  local-data: " 300 IN CNAME"

...along with the normal unbound.conf config for recursive resolution.

To repeat what I've said elsewhere: I think this is a bad idea, and you 
shouldn't do it. It breaks DNSSEC, and potentially other things.