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[Unbound-users] which module inform_super callback was called in when the execution path is mesh_make_new_space()->mesh_walk_super()?

Yang Zhe
Mon Oct 17 09:21:20 CEST 2011

Hi there,

I'm reading the source code of unbound to see if I can write my own
module who does similar things to your pymod.

When I'm managing to know what should I do in inform_super callback, I
find that there are two situations it will be called:

a) qstate finished, the inform_super of module 0 will be called
b) qstates kicked out by mesh_make_new_space(), mesh_walk_super()
calls the inform_super of s->curmod

Could anybody tell me what should I do in inform_super in the second case?

    Yang Zhe