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[Unbound-users] unbound daemon linking bug?

Paul Wouters
Tue Oct 11 18:02:18 CEST 2011

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:

>>> Seems to me that this is a thing that the package maintainer should
>>> maintain.
>>> Dynamic linking *may* increase paging thus decreasing performance.
>> The package maintainer thinks upstream should reconsider their view, or
>> perhaps back these up with actual numbers instead of hypothesis :)
> Yes I do not think this is a big issue.  Dynamic linking and chroot
> feature (on not wonderfully packaged environments) can be painful.
>>> - --enable-allsymbols is indeed what you want.
>> I tested this, and it works indeed. I'll add it to the new releases
>> of unbound. Thanks!
> Note that this means libunbound exports internal symbols, not just the
> 'libunbound API'.  Those symbols 'pollute' the linking environment of
> the user program, i.e. conflict if they also use dns_cache_store() and
> so on.

Hmm, that's not the best either.

> This is why the option is not enabled by default.  We could get around
> this by having libunbound-internal and libunbound (that links to
> libunbound-internal again).  And so on, but it gets more complicated,
> static binaries can be very nice for system critical services in some
> situations, so this option we have to also keep around...

I'm not sure I understood it fully. If some things are internal only,
and some things are libunbound API, then why are the internal only
functions not 'static' and the API functions are the only ones visible?
Then either dynamically or staticly link libunbound into unbound?

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