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[Unbound-users] is not resolvable using DNSSEC resolver.

Paul Wouters
Tue Oct 11 17:21:40 CEST 2011

On Tue, 11 Oct 2011, Marco Davids (SIDN) wrote:

> On 10/10/11 16:41, Bouzeryouh, Jamal wrote:
>> I failed to resolve this domain using a DNSSEC Unbound-1.4.10 resolver.
> You may wish to consider option 4 of:
> as a temporary workaround for the problems with 'faa.fov'.

Another option is to temporarilly put it in the cache manually,
so you do not have to change unbound's config file and restart:

unbound-control local_data A

(I tried using  unbound-control local_data CNAME
  but that seems to not work?)