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[Unbound-users] dig fails intermittently, but unbound-host does not

Paul Wouters
Tue Mar 29 13:19:04 CEST 2011

On Tue, 29 Mar 2011, Andrew Hearn wrote:

> We have version 1.3.4 on a server and have an odd, intermittent, problem
> with looking up a particular record.
> We have other unbound and bind servers that don't have this problem.
> eg:
> [root at a log]# unbound-control flush
> ok
> [root at a log]# dig @localhost

That domain seems broken, at least from the "world view":

[paul at bofh ~]$ dnscheck
   0.000: INFO Begin testing zone with version 1.2.1.
   0.000: INFO Begin testing delegation for
   6.008: INFO Name servers listed at parent:,
   6.168: ERROR Failed to find name servers of
   6.168: ERROR No name servers found at child.
   6.168: INFO Done testing delegation for
   6.168: CRITICAL Fatal error in delegation for zone
   6.168: INFO Test completed for zone

If it works internally, perhaps one issue is that one of your servers uses the external instead
of internal view?