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[Unbound-users] Problem resolving private domains

lst_hoe02 at
Mon Oct 25 11:12:45 CEST 2010


we have Unbound 1.4.6 as caching resolver for our internal network  
which in turn forward queries to Bind 9.7 at the border. It works fine  
except for our remote location (VPN) which uses as  
internal network.

We have set

	private-domain: ""
	private-domain: ""

	local-zone: "" nodefault
	local-zone: "" nodefault

  	name: "."
  	forward-addr: <IP-address-of-Bind97>

If have checked that Bind 9.7 can resolve both fine but Unbound only  
resolves "" internal addresses correctly which are located  
in and not "" which are at For we always get timeout from Unbound despite the fact the  
Unbound has asked Bind and have got the correct result?

Thanks for any help