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[Unbound-users] Forwarding queries for uncached names to specified DNS resolvers

lst_hoe02 at
Fri Nov 26 15:26:12 CET 2010

Zitat von Brian Morrison <brian49 at>:

> Thank you very much for responding. Sorry, but I am still confused! The
> lines I created in unbound.conf are based on what I found here:
> That post seems to suggest that the first forward-zone has to have
> as forward-addr, otherwise ALL queries will be forwarded to
> the upstream resolvers, not just those for uncached names. However, you
> seem to be saying that if I delete the first forward-zone, Unbound will
> still search its cache before forwarding queries to the upstream
> resolvers. Would you very kindly confirm that I have understood you
> correctly, please? Thanks again.

As far as i understand only queries  
which can not be resolved from the *cache* are forwarded, and Unbound  
does no recursion for the forwarded zones. So with "." as  
forward-zone: you reduce Unbound to a DNS cache and delegate the  
recursion to the upstream resolver.