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[Unbound-users] out of memory caching validator results

Slingerland, Michael van
Sat May 29 13:41:54 CEST 2010


I am currently running an unbound instance on openbsd 4.5

The compile options I used are:
./configure --prefix=/opt/unbound-1.4.4 \
--with-ssl=/usr \
--with-libevent=/usr \
--without-pthreads \
--with-chroot-dir=/var/unbound \
--with-pidfile=/var/run/ \
--with-conf-file=/var/unbound/etc/unbound.conf \

Mofified parameters in Unbound.conf
verbosity: 1
extended-statistics: yes
num-threads: 1
outgoing-range: 1024
msg-cache-size: 300m
num-queries-per-thread: 1024
rrset-cache-size: 600m
do-ip6: no
access-control: allow
prefetch: yes
prefetch-key: yes
module-config: "validator iterator"

After running a day and memory usage going up to 1.5 GB the daemon exits with the following message.

error: tcp send r: Broken pipe
error: out of memory caching validator results

Memory usage limit on my machine is set to 2GB per process the machine has 3GB of RAM. At the point of the crash there was enough free memory.

Does this error mean I need to increase the key-cache size? Currently it is set to default size of 4MB.

I would assume if the cache limit is reached it would flush older entries to clear up memory....


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