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[Unbound-users] IPv6 Crash

Chris Gotstein
Wed Feb 24 02:13:34 CET 2010

I've recently installed unbound onto 3 FreeBSD 8.0 AMD64 servers.  All
are running the exact same unbound version and config, except 1 server
that is doing IPv6.  Unbound crashes about every 24 hours on the server
that is running IPv6.  If i remove the IPv6 address and set do ipv6 to
no, then it runs without any issues.  As soon as i set it back to IPv6,
the crashes start.  I'm running the latest version of unbound from the
ports system, 1.4.1.  The config is very basic, using some of the tweaks
suggested from the unbound website for high-volume servers.  Any
suggestions on what i can do to debug this?

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