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[Unbound-users] dnssec via forwarder

Andreas Schulze
Thu Dec 2 12:15:37 CET 2010


I have a remote system as resolver using unbound-1.4.7.
On my local system I configured unbound-1.4.7 also as forwarder to the remote system.

--- snip
        name: "."
	# is the remote resolver
--- snap

Resolving at all works fine.

On my local system I have the The DNSSEC Validator Plugin from
installed. If I configure this Plugin to use the remote server as Resolver
then the Plugin shows me a green label in Firefox for

If I configure the Plugin to use the local Resolver, the Validatorplugin shows me
a yellow label saying "The domain name is secured with DNSSEC technology,
 but the DNS server resolver used cannot verify the signature validity." 

I'm unsure, if this is an Error in the Plugin or I have misconfigured
my forwarding unbound.

any hints ?


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