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[Unbound-users] Querying all of stub-zone nameservers or trasparent stub-zone

Andrian Nord
Sun Nov 8 16:31:39 CET 2009

I've also tried to 'compile' nsd zone into unbound syntax. That is:
i've done something like that:
local-zone: "" transparent
local-data: " IN A"

That works as with stub-zone, i.e:
if has also AAAA record on upstream server - it
will not be fetched.

If there is following record on upstream server: IN CNAME
computer                       IN A 

Resolved ip for will be, not And that's strange - as shown by logs, unbound drops ...
IN A reply from upstream server when it get CNAME and then running
query again for CNAME value, but without checking for local zones.

If local zones are done for replacing some records (not all - stub
zone will replace full zone) with local - second issue is strange.
If local zones are done for adding some local record - first issue is strange.

Any ideas about how it may be worked around?

Andrian Nord