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[Unbound-users] memcached backend?

Paul Wouters
Sat Oct 18 18:27:40 CEST 2008

On Sat, 18 Oct 2008, Attila Nagy wrote:

> So I wonder, would anybody like the idea of having memcached as a(n optional) 
> storage backend for unbound? (and of course take the time to write the code? 
> :)

> Pros:
> - if you have n machines, you can use n times the memory and increase hit 
> rate

Do resolvers these days actually use more then 8GB of RAM? Because a 1000 euro
1U server comes with 8GB and a quadcore cpu.

> - you will get consistent results, no matter what server you asked

Mind you that you're just changing the time stamp of the old->new record change.
While you can argue about helping bad administrators getting rid of bad long TTL
records, you can also reason the other way where a bad administrator's mistake
will show up sooner before he corrects it. I think in general, one should not base
an architecture on such a corner case.

> ps:

Interesting concept...