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[Unbound-users] Unbound fails to stub-zone to localhost

martin f krafft
Wed Oct 1 14:44:20 CEST 2008


I am trying to get unbound, bound to eth0, to forward queries for
local zones to nsd running on

nsd works authoritatively, I have verified this with dig.

Also, when I use pdns-recursor to forward to nsd, it all works.

However, with unbound, I get SERVFAIL from unbound, which reports:

  unbound: [1269:0] info: processQueryTargets: < NS IN>
  unbound: [1269:0] debug: out of query targets -- returning SERVFAIL

in the logs. My configuration is as follows. What could be the

    verbosity: 1
    cache-max-ttl: 1800
    access-control: refuse
    access-control: allow
    access-control: allow
    chroot: ""
    do-not-query-localhost: no
    name: ""

I have tried

(a) forward-zone for and .
(b) stub-zone for and forward-zone for .
(c) only stub-zone for and root-hints for .
(d) only forward-zone for and root-hints for .
(e)/(f) like (c)/(d) without explicit root-hints

but in none of these cases could I make it work.

Any clues?

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