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[Unbound-users] Performance of Caching Name Servers

Fri Jun 13 04:31:40 CEST 2008

Hi everyone!

    I have configured a machine in my LAN as a Caching Name Servers using
Unbound. Then I test the performance of this CNS from another host in the
same LAN with the tool resperf come with dnsperf. And the throughput of this
CNS I got is about 5376qps. After that I reconfigured this CNS using BIND9
instead of Unbound and got about 24582qps throughput. I have tried to change
the config file for Unbound(increase those cache size/slabs/numbers) but
that doesn't do any good to the performance of Unbound. Can anyone give me
some suggestions on this? Where can I change in the config file to get the
most out of Unbound as a CNS?  Thanks a lot!

    BTW, all my test machines are running Solaris10.

Best Regards
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