[Unbound-users] Source address selection for replies

Ralf Weber unbound at fl1ger.de
Fri Jan 11 15:44:02 CET 2008


On Jan 11, 2008, at 15:00 , Alexander Gall wrote:
> With this setup, when unbound receives a query on the loopback
> interface, it sends the reply with a source address of one of the
> physical interfaces of the host.  In other words, it appears that
> unbound lets the kernel chose the source address, which is always
> wrong in this case.
On our anycast setup (Solaris) we are configuring the anycast
adresses on the physical interfaces as aliases rather then the
loopbacks and then the kernel puts the correct address in the
answer packet. This however requires to configure an
outgoing-interface, as querying with anycast IPs isn't a good

So long

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