The goal of the connectbyname library to simply obtaining a TLS connection given a DNS name and a service name.

Using connectbyname

The first is to create a libevent base using event_base_new.

The second step optional. This step sets a DNS upstream resolver policy. This done initializing a struct cbn_policy using cbn_policy_init2. Then fill one or more struct cbnp_resolver an add them to the policy using cbn_policy_add_resolver

The third step is to initialize a struct cbn_context using cbn_init2. This gets the policy and the event base as parameters.

Then as fourth step, the main call, connectbyname_asyn, which gets the context and two user defined callback functions as parameters.

The first user callback will be called upon success. This callback gets a struct bufferevent pointer. This can be used to read from or write to the TLS connection.

The second user callback is for errors. This callback get a struct cbn_error that describes the error.

Finally, it is necessary to give control to libevent by calling event_base_dispatch.