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first zero - then test - or the other way around - nah, the first is easier to optimise!
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
377 ldns library ldns-team NEW --- TSIG error status misses level of detail 2012-01-27
279 ldns library ldns-team ASSI --- Bad return value for ldns_udp_connect and ldns_tcp_connect 2014-06-17
372 ldns drill/to ldns-team ASSI --- Denial of existence verifying broken for NSEC3 Tue 23:49
550 ldns drill/to ldns-team ASSI --- Support +short flag in drill for easier inclusion of results in scripts Tue 13:13
568 ldns drill/to ldns-team ASSI --- Quering IDN records without converting them to punnycode Tue 13:14
617 ldns library ldns-team ASSI --- protocal and services in wks record can only be recognized in lowercase Tue 23:50
670 ldns library ldns-team ASSI --- ldns not parsing KSK correctly Tue 23:18
676 ldns contribu ldns-team ASSI --- ldns-dane only allows plain ssl not start tls Tue 12:57
8 bugs found.
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